Are you ready for the next level?​

For the last decade I have been helping companies to launch, or revolutionise, their products and services through user research, user experience, user testing, user interface design, and conversion rate optimisation.

Concerned about user frustration?

Are you frustrated with not knowing who is visiting your product?  Do you want to know who is visiting? Where have they come from? And what are they doing when they’re there? I work with you, so you can fully understand what is going on with your digital products or services.

Starting from scratch?

Are you starting your product from scratch? Do you need in-depth user research to help get you started? Have you got the research and need to make sense of it all? I can help you with all your users’ research needs to fully understand your customer and get the best out of your product from the start.

Data not making any sense?

These days there are so many companies trying to sell you something that will help you improve your conversion? Heatmaps, analytics, rage mapping, click mapping. Let me help you to understand all that data and let you know what’s really going on with your users’.


Driving change for leading brands

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