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Strategising the complete digital transformation of a global car brand bringing them into the now. Changing the way consumers purchase, manage and sell their vehicles in the digital era, with solid user research, interviews and data analysis. Removing jargon and speaking to consumers on their level resulting in increased brand satisfaction.


About the project

Audi was lagging behind its competitors who had been making significant strides in their digital offerings. Their website was tired and outdated, and user frustration was high. Audi put a tender out for a new agency to come in and revolutionise their digital offering.

Salmon, a WPP owned agency, won this contract, and It was my job to help bring the initial vision to life, as well as overhaul the rest of their existing website.

What was required was to change from a traditional development-led approach to product development and move into a design-led approach that utilised research and analysis to create a world-class experience that overtook their competitors.

I worked closely with the digital marketing department based at Audi HQ in Milton Keynes on where to start first, and this was all based on analytical analysis of their existing digital platform.

As well as overhauling their digital platform, Audi was also launching a new and innovative service called myAudi – a one-stop-shop for new and existing owners.

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Research & analysis

Stage one consisted of understanding the market place, analysis of competitors, interviews with dealers and customer support staff, integration of MI data.

Stage 1


Cross-disciplinary ideation sessions conducted, the goal, to come up with innovative ways to set Audi apart from their competitors, this consisted of a 5-year plan.

Stage 2

Findings & proposals

Findings and ongoing action plan presented to Audi stakeholders to obtain buy-in from the business, enabling further research and analysis to determine complete market fit.

Stage 3

Further research

A deeper dive into market analysis, consumer interviews, dealers buy-in and technical analysis of proposed ideas. Confirming the validity of ideas, project timings, cost and scope.

Stage 4


Sketching, low fidelity ideation, idea analysis, high fidelity wireframes ready for user testing.

Stage 5

User testing

Essential user to testing to validate initial design and hypotheses, conducting within an in-house user testing lab. Findings analysed and further amendments made to wireframes.

Stage 6

User interface

User interface applied to wireframes post user testing, designs, and findings presented to key stakeholders before development can begin.

Stage 7


Development kick-off, working closely with the development team to quality assure the user experience, enabling the best possible experience for the user.

Stage 8

Analysis & optimisation

Post-launch, analytical analysis of user behaviour, pain points, frustrations and other elements ironed out furthering the user's experience across the platform.

Stage 9

Results that talk


An increase in the find-ability of relevant product information, seen through the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, and a reduction in dealer and customer support queries.


A reduction in bounce rate across the site, more in-depth analysis showed this reduction was through higher engagement with the content as opposed to not being able to find the content.


A reduction across customer support teams and dealers, enabling cost savings to be made and more resources freed up to work on other projects.


An overall increase in purchasing of Audi aftermarket products, this was achieved from critical calls to actions across the site and a revamped owners area.


Seen through heat, scroll and analytical data there was an overall increase in user engagement across crucial areas of the site; this was down to a full overhaul of content, page structure and the information architecture.


Stakeholder feedback was positive from across the business, both within the Audi marketing department down to the grassroots dealerships. Resulting in an extension of the current contract in terms of scope and length.

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