Holiday Gems


Planning and implementation of an optimisation strategy through user testing, eye tracking, competitor analysis, user interviews, data analysis and heuristic evaluations to increase conversion and improve brand image. Feeding back findings to key stakeholders along with a list of recommendations.


About the project

Holiday Gems are a medium-sized low-cost holiday company based in the North West of the UK. The travel industry is one of the most competitive and cutthroat sectors to work.

Holiday Gems were working with an SEO company who were driving vast amounts of traffic to the site, but the website wasn’t converting as well as it should be.  I was brought in by the agency to work directly with Holiday Gems to come up with a plan of action to decipher where the holes were within their current offering.

They required an understanding of their current offering through analysis, a look at how they ranked when compared to their competitors and what changes they needed to make to improve their conversion rate.

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Competitor analysis

Conducted a competitor analysis to see where Holiday Gems matched up against its competitors, also looking at their standing within the market place.

Stage 1

Heuristic evaluation

Performed a heuristic evaluation to find areas of concern across the site, this would then set up where to focus the majority of the user testing.

Stage 2

Findings & feedback

All results fed back to the client to agree on where to focus our attention on user testing.

Stage 3

Testing strategy

Defining the testing strategy, why are we testing, what are we testing and how we are going to test, along with expected costs.

Stage 4


A step by step of how the testing should go, the questions to ask, documentation, website journey set up and lab building, and participant hire.

Stage 5

User testing

Conducted user testing which consisted of a pre-interview, closed and open scenario tasks, eye tracking, competitor evaluation, post-interview and a system usability scale task.

Stage 6

Findings & feedback

All results fed back to the client with a list of recommendations based on the MoSCoW scale - allowing them to make decisions of what to change based on their internal budgets and resources.

Stage 7

Results that talk


Testing ran smoothly, and the results were invaluable, the initial heuristic evaluations results were validated.



Using eye-tracking technology was a new thing for holiday gems and allowed them a more in-depth insight into what the user was looking at throughout their journey.


Feedback from the client was very positive; they could now see where improvements could be made as well as where they were placed within the competitor landscape

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