ING Bank (Philippines)


The recruitment, management and leadership of a world-class team. From multiple countries and backgrounds. Combining user research, quantitative and qualitative data, experience, interviews and market research to ideate, create and design a single cross-platform multi-lingual banking application for the Filipino and Chinese markets.


About the project

The banking revolution back in Europe was full steam ahead. The big banks had stagnated, and there were some new boys in town. ING saw an opportunity in Asia. An emerging marketplace with an archaic banking system ripe for disruption and innovation.

ING launched their MVP with Aleph, a large WPP owned agency based across South East Asia. They asked me to come to ING and take the reins, bringing with me my banking know-how and passion for making change happen fast.

My role was building a large team of multidisciplinary creatives to grow the Aleph presence on the ground within ING, with the ultimate goal of increasing the Aleph brand across the Philippines.

Working closely with the Senior Management Team in Singapore and Malaysia, I set about understanding where change needed to happen and went about to implement those changes quickly. 

ING Philippines was a highly challenging environment, but we were hugely successful over a short period. And it is still growing to this day. 

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Bonding with the new team, finding out what they like to do in their spare time, understanding their concerns and where they want their career to be heading.

Stage 1

Strengths & weaknesses

Open and frank discussions about their strengths and weaknesses, what can we do to turn those weaknesses into strengths through extra training and knowledge sharing.

Stage 2

Roadmap & processes

Understanding the roadmap for ING, specific deadlines, legal matters and the current way of working. Meeting with PM, BA's and senior team members to get an understanding of whats going on.

Stage 3


Enabling the current design team and empowering them to achieve within ING, teaching them how to put forward and stand behind their ideas, how to behave with emotional intelligence.

Stage 4


Growing the team through a rapid recruitment drive, basing the hiring not just on the portfolio but team fit within ING.

Stage 5


Education around design thinking, ways of working, understanding of marketplaces and driving innovation through tried and tested methodologies.

Stage 6

Results that talk


The team grew at pace, from a small team of 4 it developed to a team of over ten cross-disciplinary cross-nation team. 



Retention of key team members through adding added value, extra training and 1-on-1 time, enabling them to grow within the team.

Double diamond

Working with the director of design to map and plan out the double-diamond approach within the organisation.


Success within the PH team resulted in me being put in charge of building a small team and turning around China’s design debt within a couple of weeks, removing the design phase as the blocker.


Overall feedback from both ING and Aleph was extremely positive; processes put in place both within ING and Aleph had lasting effects as well as team retention.

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