Audi was undergoing a digital overhaul. Part of this major project was to reinvigorate the way users searched for and viewed Audi vehicles.

Problem was undergoing a digital overhaul. Part of this major project was to reinvigorate the way users searched for and viewed Audi vehicles. Audi had an outdated and hard to use mechanism for finding  

information on a vehicle and then comparing that vehicle to other cars. Along with this, each vehicle had different trim specifications, making it nearly impossible to work out which trim option had which features.

Trim Table of PDP in iMac
Prototype - Trim Comparison Table


the results were impressive, and showed a high percentage of users not abandoning the site, as we’d previously seen. elements i’d designed, such as the vehicle comparison module, and the trim comparison table, were heavily used, based on the analytics.
the new hero area allowed users to see the cars in full 3d details, something they’d previously not been able to do.


To understand how users searched for vehicles I decided to research the customer journey. This included conducting 1-2-1 interviews and focus groups to discover how a user searched for their new car, and their reasons for choosing a vehicle, such as brand loyalty, price, and environmental impact.
I also interviewed car sales personnel around the country, and visited car showrooms to monitor user behaviour. Part of these visits included conducting short questionnaires with potential users to discover what they wanted from a website.
With this knowledge I was able to focus on the key elements a user needed when browsing the site, depending on what stage they were at in the car buying journey, such as discovery, build, or purchase phase.
I then spoke to principle product owners at Audi to understand the complexity of the different trims available for each car, so I could break this down into an easy to follow format for users.

I also created the ability to add vehicles to a ‘compare vehicles’ module at the bottom of the screen, enabling users to search through different cars and trims and add them to the compare function for later use. this functionality was also based on cookies, so if a user left the site, when they returned they wouldn’t have to go through the process of finding their chosen vehicles again.
Middle Gallery area of PDP in iMac
Prototype - Gallery Module


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