GOV.UK Verify was a uk government initiative with the goal of allowing users to securely verify their identity online.

Prototype - Landing Page


Through early user research, we discovered our main issue was going to be convincing users to submit personally identifiable information to a 3rd party supplier.

In addition to this another issue was allowing users who maybe didn’t have all the documentation to securely continue the process at a later date.


Positioning the GOV.UK Verify logo on the landing page with further information about the partnership and how Experian is a verified government partner reinforced that Experian had passed stringent regulations to become a gov.uk supplier.

In addition to this, the landing page contained explanations as to how this information was only to be used for the GOV.UK Verify and a user’s personal information would not be used for marketing purposes.

We also explained in easy to understand language to what lengths Experian would go to, to protect their data, along with how long we would keep that user’s data.

Just as important was to inform users very early on how to delete their account and remove all their data from the gov.uk service should they so wish.

Throughout the journey, we reinforced this message of security by using terminology such as ‘submit your details securely’ repeatedly reinforcing the message of security.

By creating a secure 2FA procedure at the very start of the process, we could ensure a user could pick up where they left off securely in the knowledge that only they could access their application.

Prototype - Account Security page
Prototype - Identity Selection Page


We repeatedly engaged in user testing, focus groups and 1-2-1 interviews with a wide-ranging demographic of users.  As a result this allowed us to continually refine the design before each major interation.

This placed Experian as the top converting GOV.UK partners. This was incredibly important for the internal success of the project. With seven competitors it was important for Experian to gain a significant market share to make the product a viable business entity.

As well as internal KPI’s Experian also had to hit conversion goals from GOV.UK. If Experian dropped below the conversion threshold, they would be placed in shutdown until the issues were fixed.

This resulted in Experian never experiencing a shutdown, whereas competitors experienced periodic shutdowns.


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