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The Drive Club mobile & tablet app was a cross-platform companion app designed for the PS4 launch game Drive Club

drive club screenshot
Comments screen
Wireframe - Comments Interaction


create a cross-platform app that would integrate with the upcoming drive club game for PlayStation 4.

Enabling users to expand gameplay from their tv screens to on the go team participation using both mobile and tablet devices.

making the transition between the two mediums seamless enabling a second to non-experience changing how users interact with consoles forever.


With a first of its kind idea, the stakes were high to get things right, and many challenges presented themselves throughout the design process.

Working in partnership with evolution studios, and the research they had conducted we set out to create an environment where users could continue their gameplay away from home.

The first stage was to understand the mechanics of the game entirely; the game is based on the premise of teamwork, with each team competing against the rest to win different competitions and achieve the ultimate goal of the best team.

By utilising the theory of gamification, both on the console and within the cross-platform applications we were able to promote and motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty to the users.

Several problems arose during the designs phase. Namely the secrecy behind the project meant we were unable to conduct external user testing until very late on in the project. 

To combat this we ran internal user testing with employees that weren’t part of the design and build team.

Connections Screen
Final Artwork - Connections Screen


During user testing towards the end of the project, the companion app was received well, with users excited at the prospect of being able to follow their team anytime, anywhere.

Internally the app was received well, both from the design studio and PlayStation themselves, unfortunately, the console version of the game was repeatedly delayed, and when launched the server technology couldn’t keep up with the overall demand, and so a decision was made to kill the companion app.


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