Co-Operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank was going through a major digital transformation to bring in line with some of the other bigger banks

Coop Bank Splash
Prototype - Axure RP


The co-operative bank was undergoing a complete digital transformation as they had fallen heavily behind the competition and were losing customers.

We were tasked with completely rebuilding the website from the ground up and bringing it into line with the competition, there were some severe hurdles ahead of us including old branking systems that were in the process of being updated.

As well as this we had to contend with two very different demographic, the younger generation who signed up to the co-operative bank based on their ethical policies and an older generation who weren’t digital savvy.


A prototype was built using Axure RP and underwent intense user testing, repeated rounds of user testing with the varying demographics allowed us to refind the overall experience repeatedly.

By creating a strong working bond with the development team allowed us to fully understand the technical limitations, as opposed to working in a silo and designing a product that fundamentally couldn’t be built.

Building these relationships were imperative to the success of the product

Prototype - Axure RP
Prototype - Axure RP


The new website wasn’t launched during my time at the co-operative bank; however, the feedback from internal departments and during user testing was very positive.


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