Providing services from U to X

I have a range of skills that can help you from pre-launch right through to optimisation of a new or existing product, enabling you to achieve your goals and objectives.

Heuristic Evaluation

A heuristic evaluation looks at your product or service and analyses it against a set of rules and principles;  the outcome is a report of the findings and a list of recommended changes based on the goals and objectives of your business. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get insight into potential issues you may have.

The evaluation can be conducted on your top 5 landing pages, or even your checkout process should you have one.

As well as the heuristic evaluation there is the option to add on additional elements such as an accessibility or SEO evaluation.


Analytics are the fundamental basics of tracking user behaviour – sometimes it’s hard to know how to set these up, or more importantly, understand what’s being received, without the right training and understanding many people make mistakes in deciphering what’s going on and make changes that harm the product or service unintentionally.

At set intervals (monthly / bi-monthly) I can help you to understand exactly what’s going on – delivering a report with a list of findings and recommendations based on your companies goals and objectives.

User Research

You may know your own business goals and objectives but what about your users? User research helps uncover the needs and wants of your user base, understanding the demographic and psychographic breakdown of your user base allows me to design specifically for that target audience, resulting in a higher ROI and a product that works.

User Experience

Contrary to popular belief, User Experience is not just wireframes – it’s the complete approach to design. You can’t have wireframes if you don’t understand the fundamental information architecture, the user journeys, and the key goals and objectives from both the user and the business.
UX covers all this and more, ensuring there are fewer changes down the development process, which can prove costly.

User Interface

Once the nitty gritty bit’s over it’s time to put the skin on the product, using the information obtained during the research and experience phase. This informs the design, so it resonates with the intended audience. 

Getting the UI right to entice and evoke the right emotional responses from your users is an integral part of getting your product fit for market.


User testing isn’t as expensive as people think. technology now allows us to perform remote user testing at different stages of the design process. Typically you’d want to test the wireframes as a prototype before going in to the UI stage, and another round once the skin is applied. 

There are many ways to verify your design depending on your budget.


So your product’s been launched – but that’s not the end. A user’s behaviour changes, as well as design and technology developments. By monitoring your product using both qualitative and quantitative techniques, we can see which elements of your product are working, and which could be improved. These are all rated using the moscow system (must change, should change, could change, would change), enabling you to make quick, informed decisions.

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