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A cross-platform, multi-device second screen experience for Drive Club a launch title for the Playstation 4, working closely with the development house to include some of the latest technologies such as live gameplay and driving club management. Project management of both designer and developers of the app.


About the project

Sony PlayStation 4 was due to launch in Q4, and one of the launch titles was a new genre of driving simulator called Drive Club, which took the generic racing style of gameplay and added in a participatory club style of play.

The premise was that you were part of a driving club which competed against other teams from around the world. Drive Club wanted this to be as immersive as possible so proposed the idea of a second-screen solution – where you could track progress, watch live gameplay in action and mingle with their club members.

Evolution studios needed an experienced  UX designer to help create their vision for mobile and tablet.

The list of requirements was extensive,  as a launch title, (and the first to offer such immersive gameplay right from your mobile device) things had to work from the very start.

The transition needed to be faultless and continue immediately from where you left off and look and feel just like the console, along with work across both iOS and Android.

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Project kick-off

Initial knowledge sharing and project kick-off, understanding the technical restraints and wants and needs of the client.

Stage 1


Initial ideation, going through different ideas of how the app could look and perform, presenting these ideas back to the client for further exploration.

Stage 2

IA & wireframes

Initial IA & wireframes created, going through several rounds of iteration to keep in sync with the ever-changing game UI.

Stage 3


Project management of the design team applying the interface elements following strict instructions and guidelines from the client.

Stage 4


Project management of development team as they coded prototypes for testing with users and the technical analysis of the systems.

Stage 5


Testing was top secret so was conducted internally within the client's offices with staff not connected day-to-day on the development of the game.

Stage 6

Results that talk


Deadlines were tight! Demo’s had to be ready for press events, and the goal post consistently changes as is common in gaming, suffice to say all deadlines were hit on time.



Initial pre-screening media report of the app were good, with some touting the birth of a new gaming category.


Feedback from the client was fantastic, which enabled to receive multiple contract extensions up to the launch of the game.

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