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Implementation of a testing strategy to understand and feedback on the behaviour of users in Spain and the United Kingdom. Digest, analyse and present back findings. Hardware testing of the remote control feeding back findings back to the supplier for product improvement. Competitor and market analysis. Internal testing lab plans.


About the project

Vodafone had already entered the TV space in several other countries and was looking to make a big splash in the UK’s already saturated market.

It required a co-ordinated testing plan, testing a ‘new to market’ digital product in the UK, as well as hardware testing of the remote control coupled with existing product testing in Spain.

The media marketplace is a strange one, with rules around digital rights management on streaming, catchup and downloadable content. Add to this, broadcasters who demand you must use their player when displaying their content and this creates, let’s say challenges.

On top of this, each marketplace had unique geographical, psychographic behaviours, wants and needs. The way different countries watch TV is hugely varied, and this had to be taken into account when creating a testing plan.

Vodafone was choosing to enter the market very late in the day, one that already had set precedents in terms of media access, so they had to get it right from day one or face disappearing into the abyss.

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Project understanding

Initial project briefing to understand the goals and objectives of research and testing.

Stage 1

Heuristic evaluation

Evaluation of the whole system, use cases and user journeys to see where there may be pitfalls that need immediate attention.

Stage 2

Testing proposal

A 6-month testing proposal presented to management, detailing stages, methodologies and reasoning along with budget considerations.

Stage 3

Testing plan

Upon approval of the testing proposal, a testing plan for different areas, including, UK software, Spanish Software and UK hardware.

Stage 4

User testing

Testing conducted in the UK and Spain, across different interfaces and hardware to understand user behaviour, and any pain points within the user interface.

Stage 5

Analysis & Feedback

Analysis of all testing, feedback to management and relevant departments across Vodafone, to inform decision making before launch.

Stage 6

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